107 - Eka for outboard Model of 105 - Nordlandsbåt 108 - Fishing boat The boathouse 106 - Blekingseka 'Malla' Measuring Sailing 104 - Rundgatting 'Marie' 105 - Nordlandsbåt Träbiten 160
Latest news

Bertil showed how to make rope at the mill day in Björkeryd  


Last weekend Mattias Klum's blekingekoster 'Robura' was launched. The boat is build in the boathouse in Björkenäs and the building is a part of a coming movie.     ...


A copy of no 103 -  Koster 'Elsie' is getting ready in the boat house. Still a few layers of varnish etc. Launch will be in May 2015.    


Bertil has made a measurement of Allan Svensson's fishing boat on Ungskär. A boat that Allan used for 50 years in the eastern archipelago of Karlskrona. See no 108 - Fishing boat.


There are some new plans for sale, no 106 Blekingseka 'Malla' and no 107, Eka for outboard enging.

Boatplans by Bertil Andersson